Sunday, July 12, 2009

Appam with coconut milk

We all love appam for breakfast. Yes, yes I know it becomes heavy with the sweetened coconut milk, but who cares? Normally on weekends we eat this as breakfast and again go to sleep. Its the magical effect of hot appams & the coconut milk. Here is the recipe,

You will need
1 Cup any rice like Sona masoori never take basamati rice
1/2 Cup Idli rice
1/4 Cup Urad Dal
1/2 tsp Methi(Fenugreek seeds)
Pinch of Baking Soda
Coconut/Coconut Milk

What will you do

Soak both the rice varieties, dal & methi for 4-5 hours. Grind to a fine paste. Add salt. Set aside for fermenting.

Next morning, add a pinch of baking soda some water so that the water will be little runny. Apply a drop of ghee to the appam chatti. Heat the appam chatti. Pour the batter in centre & rotate the kadhai. If you do not have appam chatti, you can use small kadhai. The appam should be soft in the center & paper thin on the sides.

Grind the coconut & extract milk. Add sugar to sweeten the milk according to your taste.

Serve the hot appam with the sweet coconut milk. Eat and go back to sleep.

I am sending this to Padma's "Dosa Corner" and Srilekha's "EFM Theme - Breakfast Series".


Padma said...

Delicious appam Sujatha... love to have it with coconut milk and thanks for sending it to my event :)

Mere Chulhe Se..... said...

Thank you Padma, keep visiting.

Aps said...

Hey Gal.... U call it Appam.... we call it Mushti Polo...where mushti means Fist...nd we measure with fists...nice one :)